Stainless Steel Cookware Pros And Cons

 multiple stainless steel pans  

Learning about stainless steel cookware's pros and cons may be the difference between whether or not you decide to buy these pots and pans. 

This cookware is among the most popular types in many households. Even professional chefs prefer cooking utensils made of this material because they say it gives them the best results. 

You may have heard of how excellent these pots and pans are but you are yet to try them out. When considering buying anything, you should always look at their advantages and disadvantages. 

The same case applies to this kitchenware. Stainless steel has a shiny silver appearance and that is how cooking utensils manufactured using this material looks like. It is constructed using three different layers of metal. 

Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware

The endless praises you hear about the best stainless steel cookware sets are due to the benefits associated with using it. Here are some of the reasons cooks love to use these pots and pans.


Buying stainless steel cooking utensils is an investment you cannot regret. Chromium is used to manufacture this cookware and it prevents corrosion. Therefore, your pots will not develop rust and so they won’t get damaged. Nickel is also a material used in the construction of steel which makes it more corrosion resistance. The combination of these two elements creates a product that is extremely durable. 

Preserves the taste of the food

Have you ever cooked your meal using particular pots only to realize that the food tastes different when ready? This will never happen with a stainless steel pot or pan simply because they are designed to preserve the flavor of food. It is able to do this because it does not allow leaching of metal into the food. It does not interfere with your food. Another reason why it doesn’t tamper with your food is that it lacks a non-stick coating.

Conducts heat evenly

If you have ever eaten food that is unevenly cooked then you know the importance of a cooking utensil that conducts heat uniformly. Stainless steel on its own is not a good conductor of heat. However, manufacturers usually construct the base using copper and aluminum which have a great ability to transfer heat to food. 

Easy to clean

Many people do not like cleaning and thinking of spending hours washing cooking utensils gives them a headache. This is something you won’t worry about with this cookware. The pots and pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher which makes your work easy. 

Maintains its appearance for a long time

Many cooking utensils normally lose their good appearance over time but this doesn’t happen to stainless steel. The mirrored finish it has will still be there many years from today. These pots and pans are classic products because they never look old regardless of how often you use them. 

No toxic materials

The manufacturers of stainless steel cookware do not use dangerous material in the construction process. Substances such as PFOA, PTFE, and PFOA that are harmful to human health are not used in the manufacture of their pots and pans. The materials mentioned are responsible for various health complications such as kidney disorder. .


Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Cookware

As great as they are, stainless steel pots and pans also have disadvantages which are as follows.


The cookware has different prices according to the grade of stainless steel used. Generally, they are most costly than other types of cookware. Some people are discouraged from buying them because of how expensive they are. 

Poor conductor of heat without copper or aluminum layer

For you to properly cook your food with stainless steel, it needs to have a base layered with copper or aluminum. Without these two elements, you will have to wait forever for your meal to get ready.


Cuisinart MCP-12N Review

Cuisinart MCP12N set

This is my honest Cuisinart MCP-12N review where I will tell you the story about how my husband got addicted to cooking thanks to this tremendous stainless steel cookware set.

My husband has not stepped his foot in my kitchen for a long time.

But then, as funny as it sounds, he suddenly got interested in this whole cooking thing after one-too-many nights spent half-asleep watching Top Chef and Masterchef reruns.

It just looked so much fun and easy for him! So, it wasn’t long till he announced that he should get his first cookware set. After doing the quick research online, he has found the great Cuisinart Multiclad Pro MCP-12N.

Here is what Sven told me about his excellent choice.

Why Did I Choose Cuisinart MCP-12N?

It was a chef friend of mine who mentioned the MCP12N set to me and claimed that this is one of the best stainless steel cookware sets you can get for the reasonable amount of money.

She said that since I was just a newbie, I should try something that’s not too much on the expensive side.

I’ve heard (and read) that a 12-piece set can go from $400 to even thousands! So, like the trusting friend that I am, I followed her advice, and I ordered the product

With the CuisinArt MCP-12N Multiclad Pro 12 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set (what a name!), not only did I become a step closer to realizing my Masterchef dreams, but I also managed to save myself a lot of bucks that, quite frankly, I can use on other things such as cookbooks and other cooking materials!

So, let me tell you about the first time that I tried one of the pans. Now, bear in mind that it’s not the dish that we’re talking about here, it’s the quality of it.

For my first “dish,” I decided to use the 8-inch skillet to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Accurate enough, there was no sticking-in-the-pan, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but that, that was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had!

Every piece of this cookware set did not disappoint. I’ve been using it for about three months now (almost every day), and it all still looks brand new - Multiclad stainless new.


Cool grip handles

The Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro stainless steel cookware set features metal cool grip handles. They are designed to remain cool even at high temperatures.

The handles keep the stovetop cool as well as remaining cool themselves. This will ensure a comfortable and easy cooking experience for the user. It also prevents unnecessary accidents.

Triple-Ply Construction

The Triple-Ply construction features a brushed stainless-steel exterior. It also comes with a mirror-polished interior and pure aluminum core. The stainless exterior produces a quick release of heat through a non-reactive process.

Aluminum has an extremely high rate of conductivity. Thus, the core distributes heat evenly. With thorough conduction of heat, 'hot spots’ appear less frequently.

Oven safe up to 550F

The pots and pans are made of stainless steel, which has a high conduction rate. This causes the cookware to be heated up very quickly even at low heat.

Luckily, the oven is safe up to 550F. So, users do not have to worry about overheating.

Compatible With Induction Cooktops

This great cookware set can be used on a variety of stovetops, and it is induction ready. This makes it convenient for users who own induction stovetops.

The cookware heats up very fast. So, the induction cooktop uses electromagnetism technology to speed up the cooking process.

Package Contents

  • 2 saucepans (with lids)
    • 1.5 quart saucepan with lid (MCP19-16N)
    • 3 quart saucepan with lid (MCP193-18N)
  • 2 skillets (uncovered)
    • 8 inch skillet (MCP22-20N)
    • 10 inch skillet (MCP22-24N)
  • 3.5 quart saute pan with lid (MCP33-24HN)
  • 8 quart stockpot with lid (MCP66-24N)
  • A 20 cm steamer insert with cover for the 3 qt saucepan (MCP116-20N)
  • 5 stainless-steel lids in total

There are two cheaper stainless steel sets - Tri-ply TPS-10 and Cuisinart Multiclad Pro MCP-7N. (..)

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Non-sticky ceramic cookware are a very preferred range of kitchen utensils since they are cheaper and have higher heat resistance. They even have a higher scratch resistance and are usually eligible for oven use.

If you are a person who is careful about using our kitchen utensils or are simply running within a low budget, this is an article that will significantly help you get the best out of your pots and pans.

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Is Ceramic Cookware Safe

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This is the reason the question of safety comes up. People want to know about the dangers associated with using particular pots and pans, especially those that seem popular like the best ceramic cookware sets.

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How To Cook With Ceramic Cookware

Many people often wonder how to cook with ceramic cookware. This is because these pots and pans are slightly different from other cooking utensils in the way that they are constructed. However, this should not worry you.

Once you know what to do with your ceramic pan, you will be confident in using it.

It is essential to learn how to use the best ceramic cookware sets to keep them in good condition for an extended period. When you speak to ceramic cookware users, you will realize that they have different experiences.

The difference is as a result of how they cook with their pots.

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